The Young International Leadership course has helped me become a better Leader with the skills I have used. The teachers are great!

Hanna aged 12. Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red.

The Young International Leadership course has helped me improve my skills and problem solving!

Shrishti aged 12. Graduate of Young International Leadership Course – stage red

The International Young Leadership course has helped me with my problem solving skills.

Will aged 12 Graduate of Young International Leadership course - stage red.

Really good. One of the best to be truthful. It’s a good thing to do. Thank you Naviture!

Ben aged 13. Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red.

I have loved this course and it’s been fun while being educating. Thank you Naviture!

Owain aged 12. Graduate of The Young International Leadership course – stage red.

Thank you for inspiring us to be better leaders and showing us the key facets of being a leader. The course was really well tailored to our House system and our roles within it, so it was easy to draw parallels with what we were doing and how we could apply it to what we do. What’s more, I can also apply the communication and rapport building aspects to my daily life, as I now know how to appear friendlier and more approachable to people and also how to begin to build a relationship with them – things I have always found difficult.

Zubiya Graduate of Naviture's Student Leadership Course

Naviture coaching was very helpful as it allowed me to acknowledge what I was capable of achieving, and gave me positive and encouraging view of my future. It filled me with confidence and reassurance allowing me to visualise my goals more clearly

Sebastian aged 17. Graduate of “Navigate your future” course and Coaching.

My stress levels were pretty good throughout the exam period – I managed to keep a cool head and not get too worked up about everything! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance! Coaching has been a valuable experience that has made me so much more aware of myself. I have learnt techniques to manage stress that I will certainly be using in the future to cope with life at university. I’ve also learnt about leadership and how to be a successful leader – something I hope to put to use in a work environment. Overall, it’s been an enjoyable and enlightening experience, and one that makes you more self- aware.

Irini aged 18. Graduate of “Navigate your future” course and Coaching.

The Young International Leadership course helps build self-confidence. I recommend it because it helps you be a better leader.

Teja aged 12. Graduate of The Young International Leadership course - stage red.

I would just like to say thank you so much for this course. It has been so interesting, insightful, and so helpful in making us all better leaders. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and have taken every aspect covered on board, and hopefully it will pay off. Everything I have learnt on this course will most definitely help me if I am lucky enough to carry on any leadership positions at the school. I would definitely recommend the course to any other young leaders and I wish you all the best for the future! Again, thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure,

Olivia Graduate of Naviture's "Student Leadership Course"

Before coaching I had a lack of confidence about my abilities in and out of school as well being reluctant to offer my opinion, or answer questions in class. In addition to this, I had no plans or focus with regards to my future plans (post secondary school).

At first I was apprehensive about starting the coaching sessions, as I was didn’t know how it would work or what I would be doing. However, Katie told me a lot about herself in the first session which made me feel more at ease and allowed me to express my concerns as time went on. We did many activities, such as creating a focus board which allowed me to map out my future starting right from my A-Levels, up until how a degree could help me with my ambitions in 20 years time (even if living in New York with a Mercedes G-Wagon may be slightly unrealistic). Now having a goal in mind I was able to motivate myself to continue studying. To aid this, Katie also shared some motivational tips with me, such as giving myself rewards after certain amounts of study time and printing photographs to create visual inspiration to accompany my vision board. I believe that the techniques shown to me allowed me to not only motivate myself, but it also gave me the self-belief I needed during the exam period.

Four months later I have received my A-Level results and have secured a place at university, something that didn’t quite seem possible when applying. I’m very excited, rather than nervous and I’m positive that it is due to our sessions. I now feel a lot more confident about myself and more able to verbally communicate with other people when I get to university.

I would definitely recommend life coaching to anybody who feels uncertain about their future as Katie is able to help navigate you towards your aspirations and help you achieve your goals. Coaching is a safe and enjoyable experience that will help improve your confidence, as well as undoubtedly focus you.

Natalia aged 18. Graduate of Navigate your future” course and Coaching.
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